Superfruit Diet Adds the Use of Garcinia Cambogia

The acai berry is an interesting supplement as it contains the vitamins and minerals required to not only slow downing the aging process, but to assist in the process of weight loss. The acai berry is a reddish purple fruit that grows on palm trees in south america. It is described by Doctor Oz, who also hails the fat burning properties of the garcinia cambogia supplement, as a “super fruit”…but what is a super fruit?

A super fruit is a coined marketing term meaning it is so rich in nutrients and antioxidants that it may in fact increase your lifespan should you choose to use the super fruit diet, in addition to it’s healthy qualities the taste is so sweet that the customers are almost guaranteed to retain that diet. Perhaps you remember the excitement over green coffee extract with HCA? Yeah. That’s why we’re so excited about garcinia cambogia extract.

The acai berry is one of many super fruits, as well as the rasberry ketone, the african mango, and green coffee extract, the term super fruit is used to classify these fruits while in reality it simply avoids saying what it really is…an uncommon fruit in which most consumers don’t know what their getting into.
Let’s Take a look at some of these “super fruits”, starting with the aforementioned acai berry. The acai berry is considered “super” because it slows the aging process and memory loss, but the same can be said about strawberries and blueberries. The african mango, while proven to speed up your metabolism to assist in weight loss, is actually alot more rare then one might believe…so what are you getting?

The african mango extract is what many people will end up getting duped into buying, which actually provides the opposite effect. The extract introduces toxins into your body which actually blocks your natural resources required to absorb nutrients required to speed up your metabolism, effectively turning what seemed to be a good idea into something very harmful.

The Raspberry Ketone diet is about as legit as you can get among the super fruits as after four weeks you will feel physically more energetic and it does in fact speed up your metabolism. Green coffee extract may provide a large dose of antioxidants, but what you gain in happy healthy heart juice you may end up lacking in other areas.

Recent studies have showed that continued use of the green coffee extract will actually reduce blood flow, resulting in thinning…to that i ask, is it worth it?
In conclusion to what i hope was an informative study, i believe the rasberry ketone diet should be the way to go if your actually hoping to benefit yourself an these so called “super fruit diets”.